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For Immediate Release 
July 26, 2018

Contact: Josh Poupore
(518) 689-7223

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon recently released a video stating her support for the New York Health Act, which would eliminate private and employer-sponsored health insurance and replace it with a government-run, single payer system run by the state bureaucracy.

The video makes an emotional, yet superficial appeal, failing to appreciate the realities of a single payer system including:

  • The cost of the program would exceed the entire New York State Budget.
  • Over $200 billion in new taxes.
  • The largest tax increase of any state in the history of the country.
  • Loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, many of which in upstate communities, already struggling to improve economic conditions.
  • The dismantling of New York’s current system which has attained near universal healthcare coverage, with one of the country’s lowest uninsured rates (less than 5%).
  • Replaces seniors’ Medicare coverage with a state-run system.
  • Other “progressive” states have rejected it.

First-time political candidates need to do their homework and understand the consequences of the policies they endorse. New Yorkers understand the perils of a single payer system: a recent poll found that 64% of respondents expressed major concerns with a government-run system and 53% were satisfied with the current system.

Instead of creating a massive Albany-run “Medicaid for all” health system that would force people to give up their employer or union healthcare coverage, the debate is better served by focusing on practical solutions designed to cover the small segment of uninsured in New York and adopting meaningful reforms targeted at making coverage more affordable.

To learn more about the Realities of Single Payer campaign visit the website: or follow the facts on Twitter @SinglePayFacts.

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About Realities of Single Payer

The Realities of Single Payer is a diverse coalition of business organizations, healthcare providers, health plans, brokers and labor unions representing thousands of individuals and businesses aimed at raising awareness about the impact of legislation creating a single payer healthcare system. Realities of Single Payer is united in support of universal coverage but in opposition to legislation that would create a Single Payer Healthcare System in New York.

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