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February 28, 2019

Assembly Health Committee Ignores Single Payer Concerns

The New York Health Act made its way out of the 26-member Assembly Health Committee today with a vote of 17-8, ignoring the growing concerns of New Yorkers about their healthcare.

The legislation would impose more than $250 billion in new taxes and force all New Yorkers to use a use a single government-run health insurance program controlled by unaccountable Albany bureaucrats.

Recent polls have shown support for single payer systems like this sharply declines when people realize they will lose any choice in their coverage. In a Kaiser Family Foundation national poll, 56% of respondents were in favor of a Medicare-for-all style plan, but that number dropped to 37% when they found out it would eliminate private health insurance companies and require people to pay more in taxes.

In a week where New York just announced the most successful year yet on the NY State of Health, why are we proposing to dismantle the entire healthcare system where 18.8 million New Yorkers have coverage? Instead we should focus on expanding coverage to the less than 1 million New Yorkers who are still uninsured.

The sponsors introduced new legislation (A.5974/S.3900) last week that would cover 400,000 (40% of the remaining uninsured) for a cost of $500 million. Compare that to the $250 billion in new taxes needed to implement the NYHA and it is unfathomable why they are advancing single payer legislation. We invite them to join us in our efforts to find innovate ways to cover the remaining uninsured.

The Realities of Single Payer coalition, a diverse group of almost 50 employers, unions, taxpayers, and hospital and physician groups, agrees with the goal of universal coverage for all New Yorkers. We look forward to engaging in thoughtful and educated discussions about how best to ensure access to high-quality and affordable healthcare after the budget process.

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About Realities of Single Payer

Realities of Single Payer is a coalition of organizations united in support of universal coverage but in opposition to legislation that would create a Single Payer Healthcare System in New York.

The group supports universal healthcare coverage for all New Yorkers. It believes healthcare coverage should be provided through a combination of private and government funded health insurance. We support allowing a variety of healthcare coverage options – employer-based, private and public health insurance programs – rather than forcing all New Yorkers to use a single government-run health insurance program.

The goal of Realities of Single Payer is to provide accurate information on this critical healthcare issue.

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