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Monday, March 11

Where Things Stand in the Budget

State of Politics – News

Medicare for all v Medicare for less: Trump’s proposed cuts put health case at center of 2020 race

The Washington Post – News

Medicare for All doesn’t address necessary doctor incentives

The Hill – Opinion (Lara Ronan)

In Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ battle cry, Republicans see 2020 weapon

Press Herald – News


Sunday, March 10

ANA Nurses Not Ready to Follow Union on Medicare for All

Forbes – News

‘Medicare for All’ vs the public option: how health care could shape the Democratic primary race

CNBC – News


Saturday, March 9

As top Dems push ‘Medicare for All,’ Higgins touts ‘Medicare for More’

The Buffalo News – News

New York City is edging toward financial disaster, experts warn

New York Post – News


Friday, March 8

Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ expands long-term care benefits

AP – News

The unique problem with U.S. health care

Axios – News

Dem leaders, progressives struggle over Medicare for all

The Hill – News


Thursday, March 7

The unforced error of Medicare for All

Wall Street Journal – Opinion (Vin Gupta)

‘Medicare for All’ may not be good for all

New York Times – Letter to the Editor

Democrats’ promise of Medicare for All is remarkably misguided and unrealistic

USA Today – Opinion (John Merline)

Rich kids like me get great mental health care. With Medicare for All, others can, too

USA Today – Opinion (Aaron Freedman)

New cracks emerge in Dem unity

The Hill – News

Cory Booker Promises to Bring America Together. But How?

NPR – News

High Time for Medicare-for-All

Inside Sources – Opinion (Robert Weissman)


Wednesday, March 6

Food Industry Alliance Joins Push Against Single Payer

State of Politics – News

Support long-term care services in the New York Health Act

City & State – Opinion (Alec Feuerbach, Winn Periyasamy)

The Past and Future of Health Care Reform: What the Polls Tell Us About Medicare for All

Forbes – News

As Democrats push ‘Medicare for all,’ Trump must reform health care before it’s too late

Fox News – Opinion (Nicole Saphier)

Government-Run Single Payer Health Insurance Plan Faces Political Hurdles

Yahoo Finance – News

Dem campaign chief: Medicare for All price tag ‘a little scary’

The Hill – News

How Much Does Nancy Pelosi Have to Worry About a Left-Center Split?

New York Times – Opinion (Thomas Edsall)

Are Democrats risking a Rust Belt loss in 2020 by going too far left?

The Washington Post – News

Dr. Marc Siegel: ‘Medicare for all’ is a wrecking ball to employer-based private health insurance

Fox News – Opinion (Dr. Marc Siegel)


Tuesday, March 5

Another perspective in healthcare debate

Democrat & Chronicle – Opinion (John Calia)

What Socialized Medicine Looks Like

Forbes – Opinion (John Goodman)

The influence of centrist Democrats is fading fast. What does that mean for liberal technocrats?

The Washington Post – Opinion (Jared Bernstein)

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