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Tuesday, March 26

Single-payer universal health care proposal: What will it mean to you?
Riverhead Local – News

How ‘Medicare for All’ went from pipe dream to mainstream
Roll Call – News

Trump administration asks court to completely repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act
Washington Post – News

Obama cautions freshman House Democrats about the price tag of liberal politics
Washington Post – News


Monday, March 25

Cost of healthcare driving the policy debate
Rockefeller Institute – Analysis

House Democrats to unveil plan to expand health coverage
New York Times – News

How Medicare for All could eliminate the $600 billion private insurance industry
Fortune – News

Medicare for all legislation has thorny issues
Associated Press – News

Universal health care would benefit my small business
The Hill – Opinion


Sunday, March 24

Why ‘Medicare for All’ plays well in Trump country
Forbes – News


Saturday, March 23

Medicare for All would abolish private insurance. ‘There’s no precedent in American history.’
New York Times – News

Beto O’Rourke takes moderate path with Medicare for America
CNN – News

Pelosi says Democrats to unveil ‘sweeping’ health bill
Bloomberg – News


Friday, March 22

Single-payer drug pricing in a multipayer health system: Does Germany offer a model for the US?
HealthAffairs – News/Blog

For the flaw in ‘Medicare for all,’ just look to Britain’s NHS
Washington Examiner – Opinion


Thursday, March 21

What businesses need to know about what’s going on in the Capitol
Albany Business Review – News

Why Switzerland has the best healthcare system in the world
Yahoo News – News/Lifestyle

Don’t make health care a purity test
NYT – Opinion (Paul Krugman)

5 women on what it’s actually like to have universal health care
Elle Magazine – Lifestyle

The big barrier to a Medicare for All vote isn’t Republicans, it’s Democrats
BuzzFeed – News


Wednesday, March 20

The Esquire Interview: Mayor Peter Buttigieg
Esquire – News

Democrats can choose pro-growth economic policy or anti-growth redistribution
Forbes – Opinion/Column


Tuesday, March 19

Gottfried and Rivera make the case for single-payer health care
City & State – News (posted under “Personality” section)

Medicare for All is not just good politics – it’s good for business, too
The Nation – Opinion

Democrats have figured out where they’re going on health care
The Washington Post – Opinion

Swalwell touts ‘coverage for all’ but leaves opening for private Medicare
Forbes – News

The real threat to seniors isn’t Trump’s budget, it’s Democrat’s single-payer plan
The Federalist – Opinion

Beto and Bernie Offer Competing Plans on How to Fix Health Care
Intelligencer – News

Your cheat sheet to all the 2020 Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ plans
CNN – News

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