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Tuesday, April 2

Pelosi aide sought to undercut Medicare for All
Politico – News

Trump punts vote on health-care bill until after next year’s elections
Washington Post – News

Trump says Obamacare replacement vote will happen after 2020 election
NY Post – News

Howard Schultz: Medicare for All is ‘not realistic’
Yahoo Finance – News


Monday, April 1

Britain’s version of ‘Medicare for All’ is collapsing
Forbes – News


Sunday, March 31

Five issues coming up after the state budget
City & State – News

As Democrats talk single payer, insurers tighten grip on Medicare
Forbes – News


Saturday, March 30

New York’s new economic plan: ‘Just legalize it!’
The Saratogian – Opinion


Friday, March 29

Bennet, Kaine set to introduce ‘Medicare X’ plan to expand health care
Politico – News

Single-payer health care systems are no easier in the states
Roll Call – News

‘Medicare for All’ might actually mean ‘change for everyone’
Washington Post – Analysis

9 Senate Democrats on whether they’d be willing to get rid of private health insurance
Vox – News

The doctor’s strike that nearly killed Canada’s Medicare-for-all plan, explained
Vox – News


Thursday, March 28

Michael Bennet: Americans need a candidate to ‘tell them the truth’
NBC News – News

Why progressives are divided on Pelosi’s Obamacare bill
Mother Jones – News

The case for Medicare for All
Wall Street Journal – Opinion

Medicare for All: Where 2020 Dems stand
The Hill – News


Wednesday, March 27

U.S. voters prefer expanding Medicare over new single-payer health care, says new poll
Fortune – News

Sanders: ‘You’re damn right’ health insurance companies should be eliminated
The Hill – News

Medicare for All means hope for none
Wall Street Journal – Opinion

Bernie Sanders won’t support House Democrats’ plan to strengthen Obamacare
Intelligencer – News

Health care looms big in 2020, but Dems still divided on solution
Fox Business – News

Progressives support shoring up ACA before tackling Medicare for All
Huffington Post – News

A Medicare buy-in polls better than single-payer
Axios – News

‘Medicare for all’ doesn’t just rival Canada’s system. It goes further
Roll Call – News

Trump: ‘We’re the party of health care.’ Dems: We’re the party of more Obamacare, not less
NBC News – News

House Democrats’ health-care bill hurts Trump and Bernie
Washington Post – Opinion

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