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Monday, May 13

Democrats have no safe options on health care
FiveThirtyEight – Analysis

Yes, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, the VA is badly broken
Forbes – Opinion

How Obamacare, Medicare and ‘Medicare for All’ muddy the campaign trail
Kaiser Health News – News


Sunday, May 12

Hospital prices boost Bernie Sanders and Michael Bennet Medicare plans
Forbes – News

Washington to offer first ‘public option’ insurance in US
Associated Press – News

Harris defends support for Medicare for All
CNN – News Interview


Friday, May 10

Power & Politics: State Sen. Jim Gaughran
News 12 – News Interview
Note: Single payer discussion starts at 7:45

NY lawmakers considering single-payer health plan
WTEN – News

State lawmakers taking another run at single-payer health care
WSYR – News

House Budget Committee announces hearing on single-payer health care
The Hill – News

Should we have a single-payer health care system?
Bold – News Interview


Thursday, May 9

Lawmakers plan hearing on New York Health Act
State of Politics – News

Tax hikes on wealthy alone can’t pay for Medicare for All plan
Bloomberg – News

Many hospitals charge double or even triple what Medicare would pay
The New York Times – News

Employer health plans pay hospitals 241% of Medicare
Modern Healthcare – Analysis

The Democrats’ coalition could fundamentally change by 2020
The Atlantic – News

Health care in the US should be affordable and accessible
The Nation – Commentary


Wednesday, May 8

Top New York hospital executives, doctors received $80 million in bonuses
The Journal News – News

A single-payer healthcare system is no panacea
The Washington Post – Opinion

Democrats, don’t ditch the ACA for Medicare-for-All
The Washington Post – Opinion

People with chronic illness need universal health care now
The Hill – Opinion

Majority of NY hospitals fail to respond on executive bonuses, Medicare for All, mergers
The Journal News – News

Medicare for all, quality care for none?
Press & Journal – Opinion

How the U.S. healthcare system puts people with diabetes in danger
The Washington Post – Opinion


Tuesday, May 7

‘Medicare for All’ is a job-killer for America’s largest industry
NY Post – Opinion

The approach Gov. Newsom is implementing to achieve ‘single payer’
California Globe – News

‘Unsophisticated’ investors are overreacting to Democrats’ calls for ‘Medicare for All,’ warns ex-Aetna CEO
CNBC – News

Larson bill promises ‘Medicare for All’ within private insurance system
NPR – News

Delaney slams ‘half-baked socialist policies’ from 2020 field’s left flank
Politico – News


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