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Wednesday, June 26

Debate night one: Political dynamics to watch
The New York Times – News

How 21 Democrats answered our questions before the debates
The New York Times – News

2020 Democrats converge in Miami for first night of debates
Associated Press – News

Democrats face pressure in debates on overhauling health care
Roll Call – News


Tuesday, June 25

Five topics to watch for during the Democratic primary debates
Politico – News

The RS Politics 2020 Democratic primary policy guide
Rolling Stone – News

Poll finds Trump vulnerable on health care in battleground states
The Hill – News

What’s next for Albany?
State of Politics – News

The 2 big disagreements between the 2020 Democratic candidates on Medicare for all
Vox – News

Fuzzy math fuels Sanders’ claim that cost barriers to health care kill 30k a year
Kaiser Health News/PolitiFact – Fact Check


Monday, June 24

‘Medicare for All’ is a trap for businesses and employees
Forbes – Opinion (Sally Pipes)

Democratic group’s poll shows Trump vulnerable with his base on health care
Politico – News

2020 Dems views on health care
Politico – Analysis


Sunday, June 23

Medicare for All vs Public Option: the 2020 field is split, our survey shows
The New York Times – Analysis

How the Democratic candidates responded to a health care policy survey
The New York Times – News


Saturday, June 22

Sally Pipes: Democrats don’t understand ‘Medicare for all’
Fox News – Opinion


Friday, June 21

Voters have big health care worries, but not the ones Democrats are talking about
The Washington Post – News


Thursday, June 20

Republicans launch anti-Medicare for All ad campaign tied to Dem debate
NBC News – News

What is ‘Medicare for All’ and how would it work?
NBC News – Analysis


Wednesday, June 19

Even Democrats prefer for moderate “Medicare for All”
Axios – Analysis

I left AMA over Obamacare. But my colleagues rejected Medicare for All so I’m back
USA Today – Opinion (Marc Siegel)

NYT: Meet the Candidates: 2020 Democrats on health care
New York Times – Video Interviews

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