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Monday, July 15

Is banning private insurance the new individual mandate?
Slate – Column

Biden unveils health care plan: Affordable Care Act 2.0
Politico – News

Biden proposes massive new Obamacare subsidies, public option in health care plan
CNN – News

Biden unveils health plan, sharpening fight among Democrats
The Washington Post – News

Biden argues ‘Medicare for All’ supporters want to get rid of Obamacare
CNBC – News

Biden aggressively defends Obamacare
Newsday (via AP) – News


Sunday, July 14

Joe Biden decides he doesn’t need to stay above the fray after all
The New York Times – News

Buttigieg: ‘Medicare for All,’ free college tuition are ‘questionable on their merits
The Hill – News


Saturday, July 13

Bernie Sanders accuses Biden of ‘misinformation’ in pitched battle over ‘Medicare for All’
CNN – News


Friday, July 12

De Blasio says universal coverage only possible at the federal level
WNYC – Interview (:35 min in)

A Democratic nominee favoring ‘Medicare for all’ will lose union votes in must-win states
Washington Examiner – News


Thursday, July 11

Harris, Warren, and the single-payer pitfall
Boston Globe – Column

Letter: Single-payer model offers best coverage
Albany Times Union – Letter to the Editor

Rep. Mark Green: I’m an ER doctor, here’s why socialized medicine would be a total disaster for America
Fox News – Opinion

2020 Election: Analyzing The Sanders Plan For Long-Term Care
Forbes – Opinion


Wednesday, July 10

Medicare For All Finances Healthcare Problems Instead of Fixing Them
Forbes – Column


Tuesday, July 9

The Republican strategy to pass Medicare-for-all continues
Vox – Column

Homeless Population Grows While CA Governor Pushes Single Payer Health Care
California Globe – News

Democratic strategist: ‘Very short-sighted’ to ditch ObamaCare in favor of ‘Medicare for All’
The Hill – News


Monday, July 8

Exclusive: Joe Biden on Obamacare and Medicare for All: ‘Starting over would be, I think, a sin’
CNN – News

Democrats ‘shooting holes in their own boat’ with single-payer plan
The Hill – Column

Don’t Buy The Democrats’ ‘Moderate’ Alternatives To Medicare For All
Forbes – Column

Abolish private insurance? It depends.
Vox – Column

2020 Election’s Healthcare Debate: Truths, Half-Truths, And Falsehoods
Forbes – Column

When Your Primary Care Physician Breaks Up With You
Forbes – Column


Sunday, July 7

Medicare for All. Single-payer. Expanding Obamacare. What’s the difference?
Salon – News


Saturday, July 6

Outsider or Insider? How Bernie Sanders Learned to Walk the Line
New York Times – News


Friday, July 5

Biden pledges to bring back ObamaCare individual mandate
New York Post – News

Harris keeps tripping up on her ‘Medicare for all’ fuzziness
Bloomberg – News


Thursday, July 4

How to straighten out the Medicare maze
The New York Times – Opinion

The most critical argument Democrats will have in 2020
The Atlantic – Column

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