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Friday, October 18

Warren fools no one by avoiding Medicare tax talk
Bloomberg – Editorial Board

How the mainstream media tries to convince you that Medicare for All is impossible
Salon – Commentary


Thursday, October 17

A new report prices Medicare for All at $34 trillion. Could it shape the Dems’ debate?
WHYY – News

We don’t need to raise taxes to have Medicare for All
The New York Times – Opinion

Why isn’t Mayor Pete talking about the Indiana program that’s superior to single payer?
The Hill – Opinion

A ‘reality check’ on single payer health care
The Baltimore Sun – Opinion

How we calculated the tax rates for our Medicare for All examples
WBUR – News

Taxing the “rich” won’t pay for politicians’ promises
Manhattan Institute – Analysis

Warren faces tougher sell with Medicare for All
The Hill – News


Wednesday, October 16

The eye-popping cost of Medicare for All
The Atlantic – News

From Incremental to Comprehensive Insurance Reform: How Various Reform Options Compare on Coverage and Costs
Urban Institute – Report

Buttigieg backed Medicare for All in 2018 tweet
Politico – News

Warren pressed on health care plan at Democratic debate
The Wall Street Journal – News

Amy Klobuchar goes after Elizabeth Warren over health care plan in debate
The New York Times – News

Health care stayed front and center at Democratic debate
Kaiser Health News – News

Elizabeth Warren wades into debate on health care costs and bankruptcy
PolitiFact – Analysis

Warren comes under attack on healthcare, taxes at U.S. Democratic presidential debate
Reuters – News

Elizabeth Warren weathers attacks as new frontrunner, stumbles on healthcare pledge
Forbes – News

Amy Klobuchar challenges fell Dem hopefuls, accusing them of playing into GOP’s hands
Fox News – News

Democrats’ health care plans by the numbers
Axios – Analysis

Comparing health insurance reform options: From “building on the ACA” to single payer
Common Wealth Fund – Study

Study: Medicare for All not only way to universal coverage
Associated Press – News

New study: Full-scale Medicare for All costs $32 trillion over 10 years
The Hill – News


Tuesday, October 15

Support drops for Medicare for all but increases for public option
The Hill – News

Think Medicare for All is the only Democratic health plan? Think again
Kaiser Health News – News

Voters want 2020 candidates to debate health care – not just Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis

The worst debate question
Huff Post – Commentary

Four health care questions for a better Democratic debate
Axios – News


Monday, October 14

ALS patient chooses suicide in Canada’s single payer paradise
The Hill – Opinion

When Elizabeth Warren ducked and dodged on Medicare for All
Politico – News


Sunday, October 13

Democrats push Elizabeth Warren for plan to pay for Medicare for All
The Wall Street Journal – News

A single payer system won’t fix health care. But these things might.
USA Today (AZ) – Opinion

As Elizabeth Warren rises, insurers tighten grip on Medicare
Forbes – News


Saturday, October 12

What New Yorkers can expect from the fourth presidential debate
NY1 – News

Klobuchar takes shots at health and education plans supported by Sanders and Warren
The Hill – News


Friday, October 11

Advocates rally and testify in front of lawmakers for single payer health care
WHAM – News

Single payer health care in NY? State lawmakers hear both sides at U of R
WROC – News

Rally held for New York Health Act
WHEC – News

Hearing on universal health care legislation held in Rochester
WXXI – News

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