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Monday, October 28

Hearings on single payer health care plans draw crowds around New York
Wall Street Journal – News

Bernie Sanders was lucky he didn’t have his heart attack in a single payer system
Forbes – Opinion

Elizabeth Warren’s ambiguity on health care comes with some side effects
NPR – News

Here’s how Elizabeth Warren could pay for Medicare for All
Wall Street Journal – Commentary

The big difference in 2020 health plans isn’t among Democrats
Vox – News


Sunday, October 27

Peter Shumlin turns hard-knock lessons into Harvard course
VT Digger – News


Friday, October 25

CNY Democrats reveal at forum what’s no. 1 priority if elected to Congress in 2020
The Citizen – News

Warren’s wealth tax won’t pay for Medicare for all. She’s looking for other options.
The Washington Post – Analysis

Where can Warren get $32 trillion to pay for her government health plan?
Forbes – Column

Warren and Sanders race to out-left each other – and moderates are terrified
Politico – News

A magic document won’t save Elizabeth Warren from the deficit scolds
HuffPost – Column

After clashing in debate over health care, Warren and Buttigieg make their pitches in NH
WBUR – News

The mother of all backlashes
The Week – Opinion


Thursday, October 24

Economists rush to help Sen. Elizabeth Warren solve Medicare for all tax puzzle
The Washington Post – News

Warren faces tough choices on funding ‘Medicare for all’
The Hill – News

The staggering cost of Elizabeth Warren’s plans: $4.2 trillion per year
Yahoo Finance – Column

A new generation of activist doctors is fighting for Medicare for all
Time – Column

Warren’s math on Medicare for all better add up
The Washington Post – Opinion

Pete Buttigieg: Four ways I’ll make America a better place for women
USA Today – Opinion


Wednesday, October 23

Letter: State-run single payer plan will not lower New York costs
The Buffalo News – Letter to the Editor

Study: Exorbitant taxes on rich and corporations would cover less than half of Medicare for all’s costs
Fox News – News

Sponsors optimistic about single-payer bill’s chances in 2020
Politico – News

As a centrist path opens, Pete Buttigieg moves toward it
The New York Times – News


Tuesday, October 22

Democrats and debates: Pete Buttigieg uses stage to call for pragmatism and progressivism to work together
New York Daily News – Opinion/Editorial Board

Stop fearmongering about ‘Medicare for All.’ Most families would pay less for better care
USA Today – Opinion

The best Democrats are the ones who are losing
Yahoo Finance – Opinion

How Warren could pay for ‘Medicare for All’
Politico – Analysis


Monday, October 21

Expanding the ‘Squad:’ U.S. liberals challenge moderate Democrats to move party left
Reuters – News

Amy Klobuchar says there’s a difference “between a plan and a pipe dream” for 2020 Democrats
CBS News – News

‘It sure feels like Buttigieg and Klobuchar have wind in their sails’
Politico – News


Sunday, October 20

Elizabeth Warren says she will release a plan to finance Medicare for all
The New York Times – News

After weeks of criticism, Warren says she will release a plan to pay for Medicare for all
The Washington Post – News

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