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Wednesday, January 22

The answer to America’s health care cost problem might be in Maryland
Vox – News

Bernie Sanders will lose support when failures in Vermont surface
Fox Business – Commentary

Sacrificing public and private health insurance for Medicare for All
The Heritage Foundation – Commentary


Tuesday, January 21

Doctor fails to make a case for Medicare for All in recent guest column
Democrat & Chronicle – Opinion

Tracy Mitrano talks health care in city
Observer Today – News

Bernie Sanders’ resurgence is bad for America’s health
Forbes – Opinion


Monday, January 20

Major doctors’ group calls for US to assure coverage for all
Associated Press – News


Sunday, January 19

The battle for universal health care begins now
The Riverdale Press – Opinion


Friday, January 17

The Netherlands has universal health insurance – and it’s all private
Vox – News


Thursday, January 16

Piercing the fog of a public option
National Review – Commentary


Wednesday, January 15

Report questions state’s ability to get federal waivers for single payer proposal
Politico NY – News

I’m a retired small business owner, and I’m terrified by the thought of single payer health care
Albany Business Review – Opinion

Hotel workers union builds single payer clinic in Queens
Crain’s – News

Two sisters. Two different journeys through Australia’s health care system.
Vox – News

6 takeaways from the Democratic debate in Iowa
CNN – News


Tuesday, January 14

The cost of Sanders’ agenda would set a peacetime US record
CNN – News

Heading into Iowa: Where do the Democratic candidates stand on healthcare coverage?
Yahoo – News

How the death of Joe Biden’s son informed his views on health care
Sacramento Bee – News

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