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Wednesday, February 26

Bernie Sanders’s new favorite Medicare for All study, explained
Vox – News

Fact-checking the Democratic debate in South Carolina
The New York Times – News

Democrats sharpen health care attacks as primaries heat up
Kaiser Health News – News


Tuesday, February 25

Business Council fighting single payer health care touting job losses
The Post Star – News

The public option is not an easy fix for health care
The New York Times – Opinion

How 2020 Democrats’ health care plans would rock hospital budgets in Mass.
WBUR – News

The basics of Medicare for All
The New York Times – News/Opinion


Monday, February 24

Sanders: This is how we will fund Medicare for All
CNN – News

Despite attacks, Sanders’ Medicare for All boosts early-state triumphs
Reuters – News


Friday, February 21

Medicare for All could upend Minnesota – economically and politically
Business Journal (MN) – News

Medicare for All threatens jobs in state vital to 2020 Democrats
Bloomberg – News

Bernie too often sees only what he wants to see
Newsday – Opinion

KFF Health Tracking Poll – February 2020: Health Care in the 2020 Election
Kaiser Family Foundation – Poll


Thursday, February 20

Assemblyman Gottfried talking about the NYHA
WAMC – Interview

Here’s the Medicare for All study Bernie Sanders keeps bringing up
The Washington Post – Analysis

Democrats seize on Sanders’s tensions with Nevada union to attack Medicare for All
The Washington Post – Analysis

Different unions, different ideas on health coverage
Las Vegas Sun – News


Wednesday, February 19

Former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid says ‘not a chance in hell’ Medicare for All would pass
ABC News – News

How Medicare for All is tearing Democrats apart
The Fiscal Times – News

Politico-Harvard Poll: health care costs are top priority heading into elections
Politico – News

Medicare for All could slow Bernie Sanders’ momentum in Nevada
USA Today – News


Tuesday, February 18

Q&A: CSEA President Mary Sullivan
State of Politics – News

Labor’s civil war over Medicare for All threatens its 2020 clout
Politico – News

Sanders disagrees with AOC over Medicare for All
Politico – News

Improving the prognosis of health care in the USA
The Lancet – Study

Medicare for All will turn into health care for none
The Hill – Opinion


Friday, February 14

Why Medicare for All works for Bernie Sanders – and nobody else
Vox – News

Reality check on Bernie Sanders’ biggest ideas
Axios – News

What Iowa and New Hampshire tell us about Medicare for All
Axios – News


Thursday, February 13

The big roadblock for Bernie Sanders’ agenda
HuffPost – News

Why Bernie Sanders’s fight with a Nevada union really matters
The Washington Post – Opinion


Wednesday, February 12

American Medical Association president warns against ‘one-size-fits-all’ single payer system
The Hill – News

Nevada culinary union lays into Sanders supporters after health care backlash
Politico – News

Health insurers rally after Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire
Bloomberg – News

How Democrats’ disagreement over health care is splitting the primary
CNN – News

Sanders addresses Culinary Union’s health care attacks
NBC News – News

Sanders rolls forward amid moderate divide
Politico – News

Sanders ekes one out, but the revolution has yet to arrive
Politico – News

Health insurer stocks surge as Bernie Sanders’ primary win seen boosting Trump’s chances
MarketWatch – News


Tuesday, February 11

The mammoth cost of Bernie Sanders’ big plans
Yahoo Finance – News

Doctors group breaks from health care industry with support for Medicare for All
The Hill – News

Coronavirus could break Medicare for All – single payer systems struggle with outbreaks
Fox News – Opinion

Could New Hampshire boost single payer focus?
Politico Pulse – Newsletter


Monday, February 10

2020 hopefuls differ on more than insurance coverage
Roll Call – News

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and America’s politics of epiphany
Vox – News

What is Medicare for All and how would it work?
Teen Vogue – News

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