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Lev Ginsburg | February 21, 2021 | Empire Report

Most people are happy with their health care coverage and don’t want to lose it. That may seem a surprising statement, but it’s a true one. While people often like to complain about our health care system, when asked about their own health care, time and again people say they are happy and don’t want to change.

Here in New York, a new poll shows an overwhelming 91 percent of those surveyed are generally satisfied with their current insurance and want to keep it. Of those, a majority (55 percent) are very satisfied. Moreover, 82 percent of those same people say we should build on and improve our current health insurance system, not start over.

Yet here we are again, with state lawmakers and advocates calling for replacing the current system with a government-run single payer plan – the NY Health Act, which would eliminate all private health insurance and require massive tax increases. Now more than ever, this is a bad idea and most New Yorkers don’t want it.

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