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For Immediate Release
June 7, 2021

Open Letter to the New York State Legislature

There are just four days remaining in this year’s Legislative Session and Single Payer health care activists are pressuring state lawmakers to push through legislation that would upend New York’s entire health care system.

The New York Health Act (“NYHA”) would demolish the current system and immediately destabilize the state’s health care landscape. It would ban any form of private insurance, which eliminates all options and choice, forcing all 20 million New Yorkers into a new, untested, one-size-fits-all Albany-run health system. It would also eliminate a staggering 160,000 jobs and raise state taxes by $250 billion per year. Doctors and hospitals would see their funding decimated. Seniors would lose their Medicare coverage. Union members would lose the benefits they have earned.

The NYHA would be disastrous for the state. It would be reckless to pass the legislation at any point, but especially with only a few days left.

Read our open letter signed by over 140 groups representing tens of thousands of New Yorkers including unions, associations, healthcare groups, independent businesses and retiree organizations urging legislators to oppose the NYHA. The letter is featured in this week’s print editions of: The Buffalo News, Democrat & Chronicle, Post-Standard, Times Union, and Journal News.

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