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There are just eleven days remaining in the Legislative Session and yet, lawmakers are advancing a bill that would deconstruct the state’s entire health care system and economy.

The New York Health Act – legislation to force a Single Payer, Albany-run plan on every single New Yorker – has been a bad idea since it was first introduced 30 years ago.

New Yorkers want a choice when it comes to their health coverage. They want to be able to live in this state without the burden of skyrocketing taxes. They want to know they’re getting the highest quality and innovative care.

Unlike 30 years ago, New York’s uninsured rate is under 5% and we now have universal access to health coverage for children through age 19, seniors age of 65 and older, and pregnant women and new mothers. Instead of forcing more than 18 million New Yorkers into an untested system that will triple their taxes, legislators should focus on covering the remaining adults who lack health insurance and make coverage more affordable for all.

Considering the New York Health Act would cause more harm than good, the members of the Realities of Single Payer urge Legislators to oppose this legislation.

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