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Analysis: Single Payer Would Eliminate 160,000 Jobs in New York State

A new analysis released by the Realities of Single Payer estimates that the New York Health Act would eliminate more than 160,000 jobs, which would drastically reduce employment in local communities throughout New York State. The economic fallout of adopting a Single Payer, government-run health care system would have the greatest impact in Western and Central New York, the Capital Region and portions of the Hudson Valley.




Policy Brief Looks At Single Payer Impact On Employer Health Benefits

A new policy brief developed by the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) looks at the impact a Single Payer health care proposal would have on self-funded employer-sponsored health benefit plans. ERIC and the Business Council of New York State sent a letter and the issue brief to New York lawmakers, expressing concerns with the Single Payer legislation, New York Health Act.




Survey: Sentiment About the New York Health Act

Between November 18 and November 22, 2020, 601 registered voters in New York State were surveyed with the goal of understanding their opinions around the current health care system in New York State and their attitudes toward the New York Health Act. This research finds that, in the midst of the COVID19 health crisis, voters would prefer to keep their current insurance as opposed to adopting a Single Payer system.




An Assessment of the New York Health Act by RAND

A 2018 analysis by the RAND Corporation and the New York State Health Foundation found that a Single Payer health care plan could expand coverage for all New York State residents, but would require significant new tax revenue and could impact quality of care and access to doctors.

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