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  • Incumbents are marked with an (i) after their name.
  • 'YES' or 'NO' indicates 2018 Assembly vote on the New York Health Act.
OfficeDemocratic PartyRepublican Party
District 1Skyler Johnson - supports NYHAAnthony Palumbo (i)
District 2Susan Berland - no positionMario Mattera (i)
District 3Farzeen Bham - no positionDean Murray
District 4Monica Martinez - no positionWendy Rodriguez
District 5John E. Brooks (i) - no positionSteven Rhoads
District 6Kevin Thomas (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)James Coll
District 7Anna Kaplan (i) - no positionJack Martins
District 8John Alberts - no positionAlexis Weik (i)
District 9Kenneth Moore - no positionPatricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick
District 10James Sanders, Jr. (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 11Toby Ann Stavisky (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Stefano Forte  
District 12Michael Gianaris (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 13Jessica Ramos (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 14Leroy Comrie (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 15Joseph Addabbo (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Danniel Maio 
District 16John Liu (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Ruben Cruz II  
District 17Iwen Chu - supports "Coverage for All"Vito LaBella  
District 18Julia Salazar (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 19Roxanne Persaud (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 20Zellnor Myrie (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 21Kevin Parker (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 22Simcha Felder (i) - no positionSimcha Felder (i)
District 23Jessica Scarcella-Spanton - "supports "expanding healthcare access"Joseph Tirone
District 24No OpponentAndrew Lanza (i)
District 25Jabari Brisport (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 26Andrew Gounardes (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Brian Fox 
District 27Brian Kavanagh (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 28Liz Krueger (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Awadhesh Gupta
District 29Jose M. Serrano (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 30Cordell Cleare (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 31Robert Jackson (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Donald Skinner
District 32Luis Sepúlveda (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Antonio Melendez Sr.
District 33J. Gustavo Rivera (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 34Nathalia Fernandez - supports NYHA - YESSamantha Zherka
District 35Andrea Stewart-Cousins (i) - no positionKhristen Kerr
District 36Jamaal Bailey (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 37Shelley Mayer (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Frank Murtha 
District 38Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)William Weber Jr.
District 39Julie Shiroishi  - supports "universal healthcare but not at the expense of unions," will seek alternativesRobert Rolison
District 40Peter Harckham (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Gina Arena
District 41Michelle Hinchey (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Susan Serino (i)
District 42James Skoufis (i) - past Tweet supporting NYHA - YESDorey Houle
District 43Andrea Smyth - supports "working to make healthcare more accessible and affordable"Jacob Ashby
District 44Michelle Ostrelich - supports "universal healthcare"James Tedisco (i)
District 45Jean LapperDan Stec (i)
District 46Neil Breslin (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Richard Amedure
District 47Brad Hoylman (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 48Rachel May (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Julie Abbott
District 49No OpponentMark Walczyk
District 50John Mannion (i) - no positionRebecca Shiroff
District 51Eric Ball - supports NYHAPeter Oberacker (i)
District 52Lea Webb - supports NYHARichard David
District 53No OpponentJoseph Griffo (i)
District 54Kenan Baldridge - "disparities in health care and health insurance coverage that need to be addressed"Pamela Helming (i)
District 55Samra Brouk (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Len Morrell
District 56Jeremy Cooney (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Jim VanBrederode
District 57Daniel Brown - no positionGeorge Borrello (i)
District 58No OpponentThomas O'Mara (i)
District 59Kristen Gonzalez - supports NYHANo Opponent
District 60No OpponentPatrick Gallivan (i)
District 61Sean Ryan (i) - no position - YESEdward Rath III (i)
District 62No OpponentRobert Ortt (i)
District 63Timothy M. Kennedy (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
  • Incumbents are marked with an (i) after their name.
  • 'YES' or 'NO' indicated 2018 Assembly vote on the New York Health Act.
OfficeDemocratic PartyRepublican Party
District 1Fred Thiele (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Peter Ganley
District 2Wendy Hamberger - "health insurance costs" among top issuesJodi Giglio (i)
District 3Trina Miles - no positionJoseph DeStefano (i)
District 4Steven Englebright (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESEdward Flood
District 5James Anthony - no positionDoug Smith (i)
District 6Philip Ramos (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESKevin Surdi
District 7Douglas Pearsall - no positionJarett Gandolfo (i)
District 8Jeanine Aponte - no positionMichael Fitzpatrick (i)
District 9Steven Dellavecchia - no position Michael Durso (i)
District 10Steve Stern (i) - no position - YESAamir Sultan
District 11Kimberly Jean-Pierre (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESChristopher Sperber
District 12Cooper Macco - no positionKeith Brown (i)
District 13Charles Lavine (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESRuka Anzai
District 14Dustin Ginsberg - supports Single Payer David McDonough (i)
District 15Amanda Field - no positionJake Blumencranz
District 16Gina Sillitti (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Vibhuti Jha
District 17Paul Kaminsky - no positionJohn Mikulin (i)
District 18Taylor Darling (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)LaMont Johnson
District 19Sanjeev Jindal - supports "affordable healthcare for all"Edward Ra (i)
District 20Michael Delury - no positionEric Ari Brown (i)
District 21Judy Griffin (i) - no positionBrian Curran
District 22Michaelle Solages (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESCara Castronuova
District 23Stacey G. Pheffer Amato (i) - no position - YESThomas Sullivan
District 24David Weprin (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 25Nily Rozic (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESSeth Breland
District 26Edward Braunstein (i) - no position - YESRobert Speranza
District 27Daniel Rosenthal (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESAngelo King
District 28Andrew Hevesi (i) - no position - YESMichael Conigliaro
District 29Alicia Hyndman (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 30Steven Raga - supports "universal healthcare"Sean Lally
District 31Khaleel Anderson (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 32Vivian Cook (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESMarilyn Miller
District 33Clyde Vanel (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 34Jessica González-Rojas (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 35Jeffrion Aubry (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 36Zohran Kwame Mamdani (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 37Juan Ardila - no positionNo Opponent
District 38Jenifer Rajkumar (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 39Catalina Cruz (i) 0- supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 40Ron Kim (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESSharon Liao
District 41Helene Weinstein (i) - no position - YESNo Opponent
District 42Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 43Brian A. Cunningham (i) - no positionNo Opponent
District 44Robert C. Carroll (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESBrenda Horton
District 45Steven Cymbrowitz (i) - no position - YESMichael Novakhov
District 46Mathylde Frontus (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Alec Brook-Krasny
District 47William Colton (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESDmitriy Kugel
District 48Simcha Eichenstein (i) - no positionNo Opponent
District 49Peter Abbate Jr. (i) - no position - YESLester Chang
District 50Emily Gallagher (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 51Marcela Mitaynes (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Timothy Peterson
District 52Jo Anne Simon (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESBrett Wynkoop
District 53Maritza Davila (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 54Erik Dilan (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESKhorshed Chowdhury
District 55Latrice Walker (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESBerneda Jackson
District 56Stefani Zinerman (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 57Phara Souffrant Forrest (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 58Monique Chandler-Waterman (i) - no positionMonique Allen-Davy
District 59Jaime Williams (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - ERNo Opponent
District 60Nikki Lucas (i) - no positionNo Opponent
District 61Charles Fall (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 62No OpponentMichael Reilly (i)
District 63Vincent Argenziano - supports expanding Essential Plan coverageSamuel Pirozzolo
District 64No OpponentMichael Tannousis (i)
District 65Grace Lee - supports NYHAHelen Qiu
District 66Deborah Glick (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 67Linda Rosenthal (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 68Eddie Gibbs (i) - no positionDaby Carreras
District 69Daniel O'Donnell (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESIan McKenzie
District 70Inez Dickens (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESCynthia Nelson-Acevedo
District 71Alfred Taylor (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 72Manny De Los Santos (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 73Alex Bores - no positionDavid Casavis
District 74Harvey Epstein (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESBryan Cooper
District 75Tony Simone - supports NYHAJoseph A. Maffia
District 76Rebecca Seawright (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 77Latoya Joyner (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESTanya Carmichael
District 78George Alvarez - supports "Medicare for All"Michael Dister
District 79Chantel Jackson (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Richard Bryan
District 80John Zaccaro Jr. - supports "better healthcare" Phyllis Nastasio
District 81Jeffrey Dinowitz (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 82Michael Benedetto (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESJohn Greaney
District 83Carl Heastie (i) - no position - YESTristann Davis
District 84Amanda Septimo (i) - no positionRosaline Nieves
District 85Kenneth Burgos (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Laurine Berry
District 86Yudelka Tapia (i) - no positionBetty Obregon
District 87Karines Reyes (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Ariel Rivera-Diaz
District 88Amy Paulin (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESThomas Fix Jr.
District 89Gary Pretlow (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 90Nader Sayegh (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Michael Breen
District 91Steven Otis (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 92Maryjane Shimsky - no positionCarlo Valente
District 93Chris Burdick (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Gary Lipson
District 94Kathleen Valletta - supports "equitable healthcare"Matthew Slater
District 95Dana Levenberg - supports NYHAStacy Halper
District 96Kenneth Zebrowski (i) - no position - YESBrett Yagel
District 97Eudson Francois - no positionJohn W. McGowan
District 98Bruce Levine - no positionKarl Brabenec (i)
District 99Christopher Eachus - supports "affordable healthcare"Kathryn Luciani
District 100Aileen Gunther (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESLisa LaBue
District 101Matthew Mackey - supports NYHABrian Maher
District 102Nicholas Chase - supports NYHAChristopher Tague (i)
District 103Sarahana Shrestha - supports NYHAPatrick Sheehan
District 104Jonathan Jacobson (i) - no positionNo Opponent
District 105Jill Fieldstein - supports "every New Yorker having access to comprehensive and affordable health care"Anil Beephan Jr.
District 106Didi Barrett (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESBrandon Gaylord
District 107No OpponentScott H. Bendett
District 108John McDonald (i) - no position - YESNo Opponent
District 109Patricia Fahy (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESAlicia Purdy
District 110Phil Steck (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESAlexandra Velella
District 111Angelo Santabarbara (i) - no position - NOJoseph Mastroianni
District 112Andrew McAdoo - no positionMary Beth Walsh (i)
District 113Carrie Woerner (i) - no position - NODavid Catalfamo
District 114No OpponentMatthew Simpson (i)
District 115Billy Jones (i) - no position - YESStephen Chilton
District 116No OpponentScott Gray
District 117No OpponentKenneth Blankenbush (i)
District 118No OpponentRobert Smullen (i)
District 119Marianne Buttenschon (i) - no positionJohn Zielinski
District 120No OpponentWilliam Barclay (i)
District 121No OpponentJoe Angelino (i)
District 122Dan Buttermann - "government must act to ensure healthcare is accessible, efficient, and affordable for all"Brian Miller (i)
District 123Donna Lupardo (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESSophia Resciniti
District 124No OpponentChristopher Friend (i)
District 125Anna Kelles (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)No Opponent
District 126Bruce MacBainJohn Lemondes Jr. (i)
District 127Al Stirpe (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESKaren Ayoub
District 128Pamela Hunter (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESDominick Ciciarelli
District 129William Magnarelli (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 130Scott Comegys - supports NYHABrian Manktelow (i)
District 131No OpponentJeff Gallahan (i)
District 132No OpponentPhilip Palmesano (i)
District 133Sara Spezzano  - supports NYHAMarjorie Byrnes (i)
District 134No OpponentJosh Jensen (i)
District 135Jennifer Lunsford (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Joseph Chenelly
District 136Sarah Clark (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Orlando Rivera
District 137Demond Meeks (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Marcus Williams
District 138Harry Bronson (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESTracy DiFlorio
District 139Jennifer Keys - no positionStephen Hawley (i)
District 140William Conrad (i) - no positionScott Marciszewski
District 141Crystal Peoples-Stokes (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESNo Opponent
District 142Patrick Burke (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor)Sandra Magnano
District 143Monica P. Wallace (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESFrank Smierciak
District 144No OpponentMichael J. Norris (i)
District 145Douglas Mooradian - no positionAngelo J. Morinello (i)
District 146Karen McMahon (i) - no positionKatrina Zeplowitz
District 147No OpponentDavid DiPietro (i)
District 148No OpponentJoseph Giglio (i)
District 149Jonathan Rivera (i) - supports NYHA (cosponsor) - YESRalph R. Hernandez
District 150Sandra Lewis - no positionAndrew Goodell (
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