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The New York Health Act

  • Applies to all New York residents – without residency duration requirements
  • Coverage extended to full-time employees who live out of state, including anyone who lives, works, or is self-employed in New York
  • Eliminates all private insurance coverage including:
    • Employer-sponsored
    • Union coverage, both private and state employees
    • Medicare
  • No premiums, deductibles, or other cost-sharing
  • Coverage for inpatient and outpatient services, prescription drugs, dental, vision, rehabilitation and long-term care
  • Includes all services required under state insurance law or covered for state employees and enrollees in Medicaid, Medicare and Child Health Plus
  • Paid for by imposing new, unlimited payroll tax (80% employer, 20% employee)

Single Payer Impact

  • Lose your current private health insurance coverage and let Albany politicians take over the entire health care system
  • $250 Billion in new taxes, on top of what New Yorkers already pay in taxes
  • 160,000 jobs eliminated, a major blow to the upstate economy
  • Lower reimbursement rates to hospitals and providers, leading to less access and lower quality of care
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